Project: Spontaneous Affinity


Spontaneous Affinity was born out of a desire to do something for the music community on my own, recognizing that much of my past participation had been contingent on tacit permission from someone else. The project aims to hearken back to a different time in music coverage, less driven by metrics and fast-paced stories about the latest and more about shining a light on people doing the slow, hard work in the background. It’s primarily a monthly DJ mix and interview series, which I run on my own (including design, writing, and promotion), but also occasionally serves as an avenue for hosting and co-organizing events, which generally involves collaborating with other organizers, artists, and designers.

Monthly Mix Series

Each month, I publish a new DJ mix and interview by an artist from a different locale and promote it via a monthly email newsletter and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud). This example from August 2019 highlights Seattle’s Aos.

Online interview  (site coded in HTML/CSS and uploaded via GitHub pages)

Online interview (site coded in HTML/CSS and uploaded via GitHub pages)

Annual Zine

After the first year of Spontaneous Affinity, I felt that the mixes were getting more attention online than the interviews, so I decided to create a zine that people could sit down and spend a bit more time with. I learned InDesign for the first time for this project, printed 150 copies through Smartpress after consulting with friends on the best options, and sold the zine via Bandcamp and some record shops in NYC and Boston (Commend, Halcyon, Vinyl Index) and a zine release party at Brooklyn’s Bossa Nova Civic Club. Each zine shipped with matching stickers and a lychee gummy candy. I plan to repeat this project annually!

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