Project: Formlabs x Stranger Things (2017)

While on the content team at Formlabs, I worked on a user story video and blog post focused on how Aaron Sims Creative (ASC), a visual effects studio, used Formlabs 3D printers to help create the Stranger Things Demogorgon monster for the first season of the show.

Over the course of this project I:

  • Researched the visual effects industry to familiarize myself with the audience and learn about the role emerging technology plays alongside traditional techniques in Hollywood

  • Collaborated with the Formlabs in-house creative team on storyboarding and concepting before traveling to Burbank for the video shoot

  • Conducted all on-camera interviews at ASC’s studio

  • Provided feedback on the final video edit

  • Planned the social media and email promotion for the video

  • Wrote a longform blog post to accompany the video and provide additional context