Project: Form 3 and Form 3L (2019)

As part of the product marketing team at Formlabs, I played a central role in a major hardware launch of a new version of the company’s flagship desktop 3D printer, the Form 3, and an entirely new large format stereolithography 3D printer, the Form 3L.

Image courtesy of Formlabs

Image courtesy of Formlabs

Stage 1: Creative Kickoff

For the first stage of the project, we determined voice, tone, and overarching message for the launch campaign so that we could start moving quickly on major creative assets like video production. We proposed 5 potential themes to senior leadership, and once a theme was decided, created an internal document for reference extrapolating on that theme.

While this internal document is under NDA, the deck included:

  • a central campaign theme

  • voice & tone guidelines within the theme

  • key messages within the theme tied back to brand values

  • target audience

  • potential taglines

  • potential risks and antidotes to those risks

  • launch goals and metrics for success

  • marketing content and assets list

  • the content list organized by top, middle, and bottom of funnel

  • examples of competitor marketing for similar campaigns

  • inspiring campaigns from other brands with a similar tone

Stage 2: Product Messaging

The next stage of under-NDA work was a second reference deck, focused on the messaging for the actual products, used to educate teams across the company about the product’s features and benefits, in addition to guidelines on how to talk about them. While the campaign deck would mostly be relevant for a few months surrounding launch, this document is an evergreen reference updated and referenced over time.

This document included:

  • introduction to stereolithography 3D printing technology

  • what differentiates Formlabs technology (Low Force Stereolithography) and how it works

  • features and benefits for both new products

  • marketing-approved language for talking about the products, from high-level taglines to granular bullet points on different features

  • highlighted technical specifications

  • glossary of special terminology and how to use terms in writing

  • pricing information

  • information on where the product sits in the Formlabs product line

  • high-level messaging on software and materials

Stage 3: Sales and Services Training

Product messaging is presented to marketing, but sales and services teams tend to need more technical information. I collaborated with members of the sales and services teams to create more in-depth training for each team, including both in-person training sessions (for 200+ staff across multiple offices) and online self-service resources.

Stage 4: Marketing Launch (and beyond)

The main external facing content on launch day and in the subsequent couple months were two major product web pages (which I wireframed and wrote copy for with input from many internal stakeholders), four blog posts, three videos, and a social media and email campaign.

From Design to 3D Print With the Form 3 (concept, scripting, promotion strategy)

Video: “Introducing the Form 3 and Form 3L: Powered by Low Force Stereolithography” (consulting on storyboard, script, final edit)

Video: “Inside the Form 3 and Form 3L: Deep Dive” (consulting on storyboard, script, final edit)