Based in Brooklyn, NY, I am currently working remotely full-time on the product marketing team at Formlabs, helping make industrial-quality fabrication technology available on a wider scale. Before that, I worked for five years on content and community at Wistia. Before that, I studied sociology and media studies at Tufts University.

Right now, I’m particularly interested in exploring what it looks like to build strong, intentional creative communities and systems of support (both online and offline) outside of corporate control, and how we can build real connections in an increasingly stressful and exploitative attention economy. I spend a lot of my time in the DIY music community, and run a monthly interview and DJ mix series called Spontaneous Affinity that recently published its first zine.

I’m available for one-off contract projects in writing and marketing, and willing to work with your budget if you’re an artist, nonprofit, activist organization, etc. with similar interests.

Drop me a line at hi@alyce.io if you want to chat!